Wednesday, 14 September 2005
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Hacking Maps on

XML.Com has a pretty great 3 page maps howto up on their site. Check it out if you are interested in maps related stuff. It gives some solid information on how to handle geocoding to latitude and longitude using the excellent (and free!) database.

Summer Of Code Update - Pencils down!

We wanted to drop a line about how the Summer of Code is coming along. September 1st was pencils down and that is when we began the process of taking in surveys from the mentors and students to find out how they did. We've taken in a great number of evaluations from both mentors and the students. Early results are looking pretty terrific, with a greater than 88% of the students succeeding in meeting the goals of their projects. We've sent the first batch of payments into accounting and we're pretty happy with how things have gone so far. More to come!