Saturday, 13 October 2012
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Add / Import .SQL file To MySQL Database Server

How do I import a MySQL .SQL text file to MySQL database sever using command line or gui tools?

You can import a MySQL script (or .sql) file into MySQL server using
  1. Unix / Linux shell prompt.

  2. phpMyAdmin web based gui tool.

Unix / Linux shell prompt example

Copy a .sql file to a remote server using sftp or scp client:
$ scp foo.sql
Login into a remote server using ssh client:
$ ssh
Type the following command to import a .sql file:

In this example, import a 'foo.sql' file into 'bar' database using vivek as username:
mysql -u vivek -p -h localhost bar < foo.sql


Login to phpMyAdmin. Open a web-browser and type phpMyAdmin url:
In phpMyAdmin, choose the database you intend to work with from the database menu list (located on the left side).phpMyAdmin Database Selection
 phpMyAdmin Database Selection

Choose the IMPORT tab > Click on Browse your computer "Choose file" > Select file > Choose Ok > Choose Go
 phpMyAdmin Importing .SQL File

-By Parthiv Patel

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