Sunday, 12 May 2013
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AJAX Form Pro v2: Create Unlimited Secure Web Forms for Yourself and Your Customers

This professional script lets you to create forms effortlessly on your websites, allowing you to collect data by displaying a form on your site where visitors could key in the information needed, and when they are done the data is sent to your e-mail address and also stored into the database records. AJAX Form Pro will definitely help to enhance the interactivity as well as functionality of your website. You'll be able to create interactive and professional forms for both your clients and your websites' visitors.
This tool comes in the form of a PHP script, which could be easily installed on your web server. Once installed, you can easily create as many contact forms or any types of form you desire via the back-end control panel. Creating forms for your website takes only minutes, and each one has its own unique settings and configurations. You can create as many forms as you want to and place them wherever you want to on your website.

Main Features include:
  1. Create unlimited AJAX Forms in the same page/multiple pages
  2. Real-time validation feature, where any mistakes while filling in the form will be immediately shown. This means that your clients or visitors can only fill in the form in the way and format that you want them to for easy data collection and processing.
  3. Built auto-responder that allows you to set a custom message to e-mail to your clients or website visitors as soon as they submit their form.
  4. Send Mail with Attachments
  5. Fully (CSS & HTML) Customizable: Supports any form element

It is designed with usability in mind; the validator is real-time, works as-you-type, forms degrade softly for users with no JavaScript as well as an option is available for displaying them within a lightbox (you can trigger the lightbox from any element within your page: link, button).
Last but not least, Ajax Form Pro is actually a so useful application not just for creating secure forms but also for keeping/reaching the information collected in a single, organized interface.

-By Parthiv Patel
Parthiv Patel
Bhaishri Info Solution
Sr. PHP Developer
Limdi Chowk, AT PO. Nar, Di. Anand
Nar, Gujarat
DOB: 12/24/1986

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