Sunday, 2 June 2013
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Website Development: 6 Must-have Pages

#1. Home Page: Purpose of page = Get user to take action.

In today's short attention span, Web 2.0 world, there's no time for fluff.

Your Home Page is the gravity point of your site and your shot at convincing the end-user to stay on board for more than a few seconds.

Keep it clean, clear and to the point.

* If you're building a web service, let users "use", "test drive", or at least "watch a demo video" on your site's home page. Forget about requiring registration first.

* If your website is promoting a product/service, include information about (a) What you are selling, (b) Why it is the best product/service for your prospect, (c) Answers to common questions + Credibility boosters, and (d) Call to action. 

#2. About us Page: Purpose of page = Build credibility.

The "About us" page is the second most important page of your website.

Our experience taught us first time users always click on the "About us" page, to learn more about the company, BEFORE they complete an order, BEFORE they signup and BEFORE they decide to trust your company.

Don't even think about using a template for this page. Be honest, include personal information about the founders, how and why the website was launched and what is the vision behind the site.

Include information about your company's geographic location, years in business, business model and best way to get in touch with you (Yes, you want all this information on the 'About us' page, even if you have a 'Contact us' page).

#3. FAQ Page: Purpose of page = Close the sale.

The user checked out your "home page" and they read the "about us" page. They're still not sure this is the right product/service for them, so they turn to your FAQ page.

Don't have an FAQ page? You just lost them.

The single purpose of your FAQ page is to answer any questions your prospect might have, further re-iterating why your product/service is a great fit.

#4. Privacy Policy Page
: Purpose of page = Reassurance.

Straightforward, but definitely a must have. 

Users are going to skim through this page to ensure there are no gotchas, 
associated with using your product/service.

#5. Terms and Conditions Page: Purpose of page = Protect yourself.

Don't underestimate this one. Make your T&C page as detailed as possible, so that you protect your interests. It's a good idea to have your legal team write this page for you.

If you're on a tight budget and can't afford a legal team, search for a site that is similar to yours, study their T&C and write yours accordingly.

#6. Contact us Page: Purpose of page = Reinforce Credibility.

The "Contact us" page is only on this list because not having a "contact us" page is a major red flag. 

No need to go crazy with your contact page. Include more than one form of contact (i.e. Phone and Email, or Email and Snail mail) and make it very clear that your company is always available to answer any questions, comments or concerns.


Every single one of the web sites and landing pages we create, include these six must-have pages. 

If your sites are missing one or more of the 6 must-have pages, go ahead and add them now. You'll thank me later.

-By Parthiv Patel
Parthiv Patel
Bhaishri Info Solution
Sr. PHP Developer
Limdi Chowk, AT PO. Nar, Di. Anand
Nar, Gujarat
DOB: 12/24/1986

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